Andiko Tehnik is one of qualified general supplier in national scale of Indonesia.

As a local general supplier, Andiko Tehnik has two goals in mind: provide all goods with competitive price and absolutely excellent quality.

To satisfy both goals, Andiko Tehnik continues to apply range of products and find another reliable sources.
Key to Andiko Tehnik’s success is its commitment to the customer through a strong network strategically positioned around the national and international colleagues and providing expertise support.

Through this site, we are trying to more close with all of our customers. We provide the oil and gas equipments, plywood industries equipments, pulp and paper industries equipments, and also safety equipments for any industries. But, please keep in mind that this products which showed in this site is only a sample of what Andiko Tehnik can provide for you and your company. We have available a more comprehensive products, and all of our Customer Service will serve you to find all goods and brands you need.

Finally we are proud to say, let’s found the art of goods supplying with Andiko Tehnik.

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